10 End of Summer Home Maintenance Tips

  • Thursday, September 13, 2018
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The end of summer is upon us and as we get ready to send the kids back to school and gear up for another busy fall there are a few things to look into as we get ready for the cooler months ahead.

1. Clean out your gutters

It’s time to get out there (or hire someone ) and clear any debris from your gutters. Living in New England we are no strangers to N’or Easters and the occasional hurricane so making sure your gutters are clean and clear now will protect your home during those windy/rainy days and save you from climbing out there in the middle of a storm.


2.  Check your HVAC system and change any filters

It’s hard to imagine that soon we’ll be turning the heat back. Now is the time to schedule that HVAC maintenance and make sure when your in need of warmth its ready to go! Now is also a good time to remove or cover those window air conditioners.


3. Check those Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Replace the batteries and test each detector to make sure they are working properly. It’s also a great time to review your family’s emergency plan.


4. Yard Clean Up

Now is a great time to walk around your home and clear out any debris, prune bushes, trim tree branches. This will make fall leaf clean-up much easier and will also protect your property and your neighbors from falling/flying debris and limbs when those fall storms blow through.

5. Get Your Fireplace Ready

While having a fireplace is a wonderful addition to a home, it’s important to keep it clean in order to avoid residue build up that can be a potential fire hazard. Now is the time to schedule your annual chimney cleaning, light a fire and make sure it’s ready for those chilly fall and winter days. While you’re at it, make sure your wood pile is stocked and ready to go!

6. Clean and Pack Away Outdoor Furniture

Making sure your outdoor furniture is clean and stored properly will ensure that they are ready for spring! It’s also a great time to clean any outdoor cooking surfaces and/or fireplaces. Even if you grill year round it’s not a bad idea to scrub the grates in the grill, empty the drip pan and dump out any ash/debris from the bottom of the grill or base of your fire pit.

7. Refresh your garden

The end of summer/early fall is great time to get some time in your garden. Pull any remaining weeds, and plant some beautiful autumn plants. Nothing says “Fall” like a front yard full of beautiful mums!

8. Pest Control

Cool weather brings rodents and other unwanted pests looking for a warm place to spend the winter. Don’t let them move in! Make sure to seal any gaps in your foundation, under steps, and around basement doors and/or bulkheads. Placing mothballs in your attic/crawlspaces, garage and basement can also help. You can always call a local pest company to come out and inspect your home for any “entry points”.

9. Inspect Windows & Doors

Now is the time to recaulk and seal around your windows and doors to keep the heat in and help reduce your heating costs over the winter.

10. Insulate Exposed Pipes, Drain Outdoor Spigots and Hoses

Inspect any exterior pipes and insulate if necessary. Make sure to drain any outdoor water sources and shut them off. Don’t forget to drain your hoses and pack them away for Spring!






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