3 Ways to Feng Shui Your Home By: Allie Barone

  • Tuesday, October 30, 2018
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Feng Shui is an Ancient Chinese practice that involves enhancing your environment in order to improve various aspects of your life. It is based on the principles of balance, harmony, and energy flow or Qi (chi). The name Feng Shui literally means “wind and water”. This art has been practiced for thousand of years and has been used to improve conditions of everything from monumental buildings to tombs. The aim of Feng Shui is to allow the Qi to flow in harmony throughout the space so to ensure a healthy, wealthy, and peaceful life. Over the years, many styles of Feng Shui have evolved, and those who practice this art have reported more success and happiness in their lives. We could all use a little more of these life-enriching concepts, so here are five ways you can use concepts of Feng Shui in your home.


Use the Bagua Map

 The Bagua Map designates the different areas of the home in relation to different areas of life including wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, health and family, creativity and children, knowledge and self-cultivation, career, and helpful people and travel. To apply this guide to your home, simply draw out the basic floorplan of the first floor of your house, including any attached structures (such as a garage or deck), and then place the Bagua over it. Some of the areas may be outside of the home, but that is ok.

Using this map, you can easily see what areas of your life could use improvement by changing the space in your home. The first step is to declutter. Remember you always want the energy to be able to flow throughout the space. One of the simplest ways to do this is to be sure to clear the space in the front entrance. If there is a specific aspect of your life that you would like to work on, focus on that area to create a space that is balanced, harmonious, and pleasant. You can also use this same map within each room of the house to get more specific!


Use Colors to Enhance the Space

            Colors are a very important part of Feng Shui. The colors associated with different areas are as follows:


  • Wealth & Prosperity: Blues, Purples, and Reds
  • Fame & Reputation: Reds
  • Love & Marriage: Reds, Pinks, and Whites
  • Health & Family: Blues and greens
  • Center (Earth): Yellows and Earthtones
  • Creativity & Children: Whites and Pastels
  • Knowledge & Self-Cultivation: Black, Blues, and Greens
  • Career: Black and Dark Tones
  • Helpful People & Travel: White, grays, and Black


Keep in Mind that you should only use colors that you actually enjoy in order for colors to be effective in Feng Shui. Feel free to get creative and use these colors to enhance the different areas of the home however you like. You can paint an accent wall a beautiful yellow to enhance the Earth aspect. Choose a purple or blue item that symbolizes wealth to you to decorate the rear left corner of the house. Choose area rugs that strengthen the area you are focusing on… the possibilities with color are endless!


Balance The Five Elements Within Your Home

The five natural elements are an especially important concept when it comes to Feng Shui. The elements are Wood, Earth, Metal, Fire, and Water. Within the household all five elements must be present, and it is helpful if they are well-balanced throughout the household. Specific elements strengthen each area of the home, so you can use the Bagua to determine which ones can go where. If there is an imbalance in the elements it can leave the area depleted of Qi, and have negative impacts on your life. If there is too much fire, for instance, it can cause you to experience emotional stress, impatience, aggressive behavior, and feeling “burned out”. In order to correct this imbalance, try adding a water feature like a small fountain, decorating with lush plants, or painting a cool-toned accent wall. The five elements can be expressed in ways such as with artwork, decor, furniture, colors, or plants. Ideas to enhance each element are as follows:


  • Wood:healthy plants, dried or silk flowers, artwork depicting nature or health, floral prints, furniture and decor made of wood, columns, blues and greens, bamboo shades.
  • Water: water features such a fountains, fish tanks, and waterfalls, mirrors, artwork of water, blue decoration such as pillows and vases.
  • Fire: Candles, red pillows, curtains, lamp shades etc., red accent wall, red light fixtures, art with fiery images, a fireplace
  • Earth:Natural crystals, Himalayan salt lamps, stone countertops, terracotta and clay pots, and statues, paint in Earth tones.
  • Metal: Metal decorations, gray, white, or metallic wall paint, metal frames for art, metal wall decor, metal accessories.

Keep in mind as you go through this process that you can start simply by making small changes as you go. If you feel more inspired to create a large shift within your home check out the book Feng Shui for Prosperity by Terah Kathryn Collins to learn more or hire a Feng Shui practitioner to come into your home and help you make new plans. This art is all about feeling good and having a home that you enjoy and feel peaceful in, and it can be so much fun! You can apply the guidelines to the outdoor spaces of your home, especially the outdoor areas where parts of the house are “missing”. Be sure to take a photo of your changes and tag us on Instagram @The_Forzese_Group to share your work!

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