Blue Wave Art Gallery in Amesbury

unnamed1Last week we had the privilege of spending some time with the owner of the Blue Wave Fine Art Gallery in downtown Amesbury, Asia Scudder. Not only do we love a local business but Asia features art that embodies our community. When you browse the featured works, which varies from photography to sculpture and everything in between, you can’t help but feel that it is representative of where we live and the world we live in today.


The real estate and art industries are more intertwined then most would think. While home design changes and grows, so does the art that people are putting in their homes. Artists are always changing and adapting to new real estate design trends while still maintaining their style & techniques. We’ve found that while there is a growing desire for people to feature artwork in their homes, they want it to be meaningful to their lives. Featuring local artists gives people the meaning they hope for. Living in New England there is no shortage of inspiration and artists are given a fresh canvas everyday with our beautiful landscapes, diverse cultures and locally driven communities.

unnamed2We are lucky that Asia recognizes the importance of our community and bringing people together through art at the Blue Wave. Be sure to check out the web site, Blue Wave Art Gallery for updates on events and classes. Thanks again to Asia for letting us come hang out, you can see our live Facebook video on our Facebook page!

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