Child safety in the home

A home has many functions and can be useful to many of us in many ways. However sometimes we overlook child safety in the home and simple household items that can cause concern.  Here are just a few household items that are worth child proofing when toddlers are in the home.
child gate

Secure the top and bottom of stairways with baby safety gates. There are many affordable gates out there today and can be easily installed.
Windows pose a falling hazard to children. Children should not have access to open windows or windows that can be opened more than 4″ are hazardous. Use childproofing window guards and/or locks on all windows.
Window Blinds:
Cords from window blinds should be kept out of children’s reach at all times. They are a strangulation risk to children and can easily be secured out of reach.
child toilet lock

Children are particularly curious about water, even water in the toilet. Just a couple of inches of water, such as that in the toilet, bucket , or pet dish can pose a drowning risk. Use toilet locks to prevent access to water in the toilet.

• Garbage Cans :
Children should not have access to garbage cans, their contents, or plastic garbage bags. Garbage cans should be placed where children cannot reach them, and locked closed with a locking strap.

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