How to Enter 2019 with a Healthy Mindset By: Allie Barone

  • Friday, December 28, 2018
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2019 is upon us! For many, New Year’s Eve is filled with champagne toasts, celebration,and counting down to midnight. There are endless ways to ring in the New Year, and it is easy to feel hopeful about all of the possibilities the fresh beginnings the new year can bring us. While most people declare a New Year’s Resolution, according to studies, less than 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals, so how can we enter 2019 with a truly healthier mindset that will carry us, and our goals all the way through the entire year? Here are some of our favorite ways to thrive in 2019.


Set an Intention for the Year

            Different than a resolution, an intention could be a word, theme or mantra to weave throughout your life for the year. Your intention is powerful in reminding you of all you want to accomplish during the year and is a great place to come back to. Choose your intention by deciding what you would like to bring into 2019 and choosing a word or phrase that embodies that idea. Write your intention down somewhere you will see it often (like your phone or computer background), change your passwords to your new intention, and repeat it to yourself when things get challenging or you are faced with an important decision.


Create Goals Fueled by Your “Why”

            We have all set goals, and sometimes we even accomplish them. Other times we don’t. What factor decides which goals we stick to and which we abandon? Often it is our “why” that determines how successful we are in achieving our desires. Start with writing down your goals for the year. You can separate your goals by category (example: finances, health, relationships, family, career etc.). For each goal that you set, dig deep to discover why you want to accomplish that goal. When you discover your whyyou equip yourself with a tool that will help you reach your goals, and to continue working towards them even when challenges arise. If you have a partner, create goals that you can work on together, or as a family.

Discover and Release Limiting Beliefs

            Limiting beliefs are the thoughts and beliefs that we developed through life experiences or inherited from our upbringing. These beliefs are ingrained in us, and often we do not even know they are there, but they can hold us back from attaining everything in life we desire. Discovering these limiting beliefs takes some work, and self-reflection, but can help us accel in all areas of life! Take some time to think about any beliefs that could be holding you back. For example, the belief “money doesn’t grow on trees” can hold us back from reaching our financial potential. Once we discover what these beliefs are, we can choose to replace them with ones that serve us. “Money doesn’t grow on trees” becomes “I have the ability to make money and be in control of my finances”. Working through these blocks can help you create your best year yet!


Clean Out Your Home and Cupboard

            Yup, it is time to clean house. Organizing and decluttering can be amazing way to start a new year! Start with one room, and divide objects into three piles; keep, donate, trash. When deciding which objects to keep, refer to the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and ask yourself “does this item bring me joy?”. If it does not, it is time to go to a new home (or the trash). In order for energy, or chi to flow properly throughout your home, you want to ensure there is no clutter, broken and unusable items, or objects that evoke a negative reaction in you. It may even be a great time to sell some old items that are no longer of use to you and make some extra money! See which objects could use an upgrade and allow yourself to choose new ones to replace the old that make you feel abundant and excited! Don’t forget to clean out your cupboards, fridge, and freezer of old food items that you will not use. This is another chance to donate what you no longer need and help someone else start their new year!


Establish Self-Care Habits

In the busy lives that we all have, it can be easy to forget to take care of ourselves. We have long to-do lists, and schedules to maintain, but we must remember that a focus on productivity is only appropriate if we make sure we are taken care of. Choose one to three new self-care habits you would like to establish in the new year and work on incorporating them into your day. Your self-care habit could be waking up 10 minutes early to enjoy your morning coffee in your favorite spot of the house, or to take a weekly bath. Choosing to put yourself first can recharge your energy so that you can tackle all of your goals for 2019!

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