Firewood and Log Storage

Having a fireplace in New England over the winter is a huge bonus, often times the biggest drawback to a fireplace can be where to stack firewood to keep it easily accessible and weatherproof.

Round Shelves


Gather your firewood neatly on the side of your house with the eight foot semicircle firewood Rack with kindling holder and cover. This sleek firewood rack has additional kindling storage built into each side of the structure, allowing you to increase the amount of collection storage available. It has a log capacity to hold 1/3 cord of firewood.


Simple in design, this strong wood holder is made using welded construction out of 3/4″ tubular steel. It’s presence will blend seamlessly in any home and is made to last due to the solid construction.

Vertical DIY Storage


For around $60 and some craft skills you can make your own storage solution for your firewood.



A firewood storage shed features an open fronted designs to enable quick and easy access to your firewood. A kit is an easy way to build your own.



The wood will dry out nicely as the air blows through. A special feature: the tarpaulin cover is attached not to the ground, but to the wood itself by means of the sprung claws. When the wood-pile begins to settle as part of the drying process, the cover responds and stays firm and flat on top of it.


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