Friday Five – Allie Barone


Allie is a patient advocate at Dr. Dan’s in Newburyport where she focuses on patient care and advises her patients on healthy lifestyle choices. She emphases holistic and natural healing and nutritional therapy and has recently become certified as a nutritional therapist. In a town like Newburyport, health & fitness is important for many of the locals and Allie’s experience and expertise is a great resource. Thank you Allie for being such an essential part of our wonderful community!

What do you love about this community?

I love that the community in the Newburyport area has a great focus on health and wellness. It is exciting to see everyone being active outside as the nicer weather comes! Even in the winter you can often find people snowshoeing and finding a way to get outside. The Farmer’s Market on Sundays is a great way to support local businesses and meet people with similar interests.

Favorite part of Newburyport?

I love anywhere you can be by the water. There are so many great restaurants on the water, and kayaking out to plum island is one of my favorite summer activities!

One thing you do every single day?

I try to get my body moving every single day whether that means going for a walk down the rail trail on my lunch break, doing some yoga (outside if possible!), or swimming in the ocean in the summer.

Best restaurant meal in the area.

I love to get buck-a-shuck oysters at Brine to load up on zinc… and for a special treat I go for fully loaded nachos at Agave!

How you knew the north shore was home.

I grew up in the area but moved away from home when I was 18. When I moved back a few years ago for family reasons I realized that it was not only my family I was missing, but an also an area that was family oriented like this one is! It is beautiful to see so many new and old families growing in the area!

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  1. Diane and Arthur Foss says:

    Allie, congratulations , we are so very proud of you!

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