Friday Five – Erik Metzdorf


Many of you may know this weeks Friday Five, Erik Metzdorf owner of Metzys Taqueria and Cantina a true Newburyport favorite. What started from a food truck turned into a full restaurant and staple of town. The menu features a wide range of Mexican dishes including tacos, burritos and even gluten free options. While you are there you really do get a feeling of community and the enthusiasm the town of Newburyport gave while it was getting started was something special. Thank you Erik, for being such an essential part of our wonderful community.

What do you love about this community?

There’s many things about this community that I find inspiring. I always say there is this sense of ethos around here. It’s really something special. I think of what happened to Abes and how the community pulled together and supported the business. It’s difficult to imagine replicating such a powerful movement. You get the feeling that everyone has your back.

Favorite part of Newburyport

I love the community, being close to the water, the character of this area. With all four seasons there are different reasons to love it. But the community can’t be beat. I recently dropped off my daughter at a school event and thought to myself I’ve seen these same people for years now. You know them, you’ve been through good times and bad with them.

One thing you do everyday.

Bring my kids to the bus. A goal would be to start riding my bike to Metzys everyday.

Last meal, what would it be?

A Cup of Joe Silva’s fabulous gazpacho with a tiny dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche. Alongside a plate of Metzy’s awesome tacos. I wouldn’t be able to get through all of them but I would give it my best shot 🙂 I would start with a fish taco then tacos al Pastore, then a Cuban taco, then a steak taco and then I would just have to move on to dessert :-). Stay tuned for some pretty amazing new desserts that Metzy’s will be launching in the next week or two.

How you knew the north shore was home.

We moved to Plum Island from Boston and just loved everything about the area. It probably comes back to community though. There is a totality in this town. You feel like you have everything.

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