Friday Five – Janis Snell


Janis is a small business owner of Janis Snell Calligraphy and a local Newburyport resident. She began by planning her own wedding and is now working with credible outlets (such as the Institute for Contemporary Art), brides & grooms, and local businesses. Her work embodies artistry and in every envelope, letter or signage she writes you can see the passion behind every stroke. Thank you Janis, for being such an essential part of this wonderful community.

What do I love most about this community?

Hands down, the people. We moved to Newburyport 5 years ago after having lived in New York City for 12 years. It’s so refreshing to walk downtown and bump into a million people that you know. Not to mention that I have made life long friendships through so many outlets in the community: the mother’s club, my son’s preschool and after I started my business I’ve met so many amazing female entrepreneurs. Everyone has been so incredibly welcoming and supportive.
Favorite part of Newburyport?

Everything the city the has to offer: the walk-ability, the incredible restaurants, the farmer’s market, the picturesque seaside setting and of course the beach. Living here (especially in the summer) is like being on perpetual vacation! People often ask if it was a huge transition to move to Newburyport from NYC. My answer is not really because I still have the same lifestyle, being able to walk to restaurants, shops and parks.

One thing I do every day?

Support a local business!

Last meal?

This is tough one! I think I would have to do a food tour through town. In fact, my husband and I may have done a similiar tour for date night the other night. Poutine from Brick & Ash, Drinks at Ceia, Oysters from Brine and fish tacos from Lexie’s.

How I knew the North Shore was my home?
I remember the distinct moment I knew I wanted to move to Newburyport. It was summer and my husband and I were up visiting my in-laws who lived in the south end of Newburyport. My niece had set up a lemonade stand on the curb and a lovely couple with a golden retriever stopped to chat with us. The sun was shining dappling light through the trees and my husband and I were about to pack up and leave in our rental car and make the trek back to the hot, dirty city. We drove away thinking, “what is this place?!” It’s so idyllic and New England quaint but with the sophisticated dining and shops that we craved. I’m so grateful I get to call this place home now!

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