Friday Five With Sara Charles Manager/Designer at Simka Sol

Sara Charles of Simka Sol

This week’s Friday Five features Sara Charles Manager & Designer at Simka Sol. Simka Sol is a hand illustrated, hand printed, handmade apparel line which is operated out of Sara’s studio in Amesbury.

Designing with eco-friendly inks, sun exposed screens and partnering with small local manufacturing, Simka Sol strives to create a more sustainable, truly handmade product.

Every item in the shop is handmade in Sara’s home studio, from the skirts, to the scarves. Each item’s process is completed by hand and each product is special and unique.


What I like most about being part of this community.

I really like the people and what they choose to foster in the community. Moving up from the South Shore, there are far more farms and small businesses on the North Shore that tend to be a real focal point in the community. I love supporting the abundant fresh local agriculture and the great small shops Amesbury and the North Shore have to offer.

Favorite activity in town?

Oh that’s a tough one,…I find I favor a walk at Woodsom Farm a few times per week. I think that’s my favorite activity/place.

One thing you do everyday?

I have a pretty good work flow routine I try to adhere to everyday but a good walk down the neighborhood with my dog is a great routine for me.

Best restaurant meal in the area?

I love Crave, anything coming out of the kitchen is a win. I have celiac disease so eating out can be a bit tricky but I’ve found all of the local restaurants graciously cater to my needs. I also can’t say no to good Mexican food and Agave never disappoints.

How you knew North Shore was home?

I didn’t at first. It was a bit of a gamble. My husband acquired his dream job in Amesbury and we moved without really knowing much about the area. Its been a fantastic choice for us and we’ve been really happy here over the past 5 years.

Thank you Sara for bringing sustainable handmade products to our community!

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