Friday Five with Sonya Ferreira Cunha – Home Staging & Design Professional and Owner of Maverick Home Design & Staging

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About Maverick Home Design & Staging:

My obsession with color and interior design began at a very early age. As a little girl, I was constantly creating art and redesigning my bedroom. Perhaps it’s something that’s been handed down from my mother, who is also a lover of all things related to interior design. Growing up, I fondly remember assisting her as she would redesign at least one room in our home every season. During my school years, all my elective courses were art classes. This led to me being an Art History major in college. Later on, I earned a Masters degree in psychology and specialized in Art Therapy. After several years as a child and adolescent therapist, I went on to pursue a career in Home Staging and Redesign. In 2014, I became an Accredited Home Staging Professional (ASP®). Since 2015, I have served on the board of the Boston Chapter of International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP®). 
My services include staging consultations, “hand-on” staging for occupied and vacant homes, color consultations, and redesign.


What I like most about being part of this community.

There’s something very “down to earth” and welcoming about the people here. People say New Englanders are cold and unfriendly, but those people obviously haven’t spent much time in the Newburyport area.

Favorite activity in town?

Shopping! There are so many amazing home decor retailers in Newburyport. I really love WishBasket and Red Bird in the Tannery and Urban Elements on Water St.

One thing you do everyday?

Play and laugh with my son.  No matter how busy my day might get, I make time to have some fun with him.

Best restaurant meal in the area? 

That’s tough one! There are so many but I have to say, my favorite restaurant is Ceia.  I’ve never had a bad experience there.  The food, the service, the ambiance…it’s always excellent. The owner, Nancy Batista-Caswell, is of Portuguese descent like I am and the menu has many Portuguese influences.  Those flavors take me back to when I was little and my grandmother was teaching me to cook.

How you knew North Shore was home?

I’ve always loved being so close to Plum Island but honestly, I didn’t feel like I was part of the community until after I had my son in 2013.  I joined the Greater Newburyport Families Club and met an amazing group of mothers there. The weekly “new moms coffee” at Harmony Natural Learning Center was a lifesaver during the newborn stage. I’m still an active member of that group and I’m also a member of the Rowley Mamas Facebook group.  When you’re a “mompreneur” like me, it can get very lonely at times.  It’s been so invaluable to have a network of mothers available if I need advice or just someone to meet for coffee.

Thank you Sonja for sharing your love of design with the community! For more information on Sonja and Maverick Home Design & Staging visit her website 


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