Goal Setting Vs. Goal Accomplishment – By: Allie Barone

  • Wednesday, January 10, 2018
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Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is behind us, it is time to refocus our energy as we propel into the new year. For many of us, this means goal setting. The new year is a great time to organize your thoughts, and aspirations, and put them into action. For many people it feels like a “fresh start”. Goals can be made in any and all areas of your life, and can be however big or small you decide. Most of us know how to set goals for the year, but how many of us actually know how to achieve them? That is where the real magic comes in! So how do we make sure that these goals and intentions we have for ourselves get actualized into reality? Here are some of our favorite tips for goal accomplishment.

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Set Tangible/Measurable Goals

Make sure the goals that you are setting are able to be measured. If you make goals that are too vague, it is hard to actually get them done. Be specific when setting your goals so that you set yourself up for success. For example, if you are interested in starting to run, instead of making your goal “go for more runs”, set the goal of “I will run 3 times a week”, or “I will run the a 5K race by April”. This way you will be able to tell when your goals get achieved. This type of goal work is empowering, and easier to keep on track.

Utilize Support

Sure, we all want to be able to accomplish all our goals on our own, but do not be afraid to utilize support. If this is the year of getting your finances in order, reach out to a financial advisor. For fitness goals, sign up with a personal trainer. For family health goals, meet with a nutrition counselor. These resources are there for a reason, because they can offer a service that can only help you make your dreams a reality! In outsourcing for some help, you may also be helping a small business owner accomplish some goals of their own! There is power in accountability so find someone who will help you with that aspect of your plans.

Break Big Goals Down

If you have some big goals to reach this year, all the power to you! Find a way to break these big goals down, possibly even into daily action goals. Things get done when we work away at them little by little, so find a way you can take the steps to reach your desires. Take some time to think about what actions you could make a daily habit that would help you reach your goal. You will be surprised how quickly and easily your goals become when you work at them each day. Consider these smaller goals part of your daily routine!

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Choose Which Goals You Want to Share

Every goal you create will be different, but be picky with which goals you chose to share. Some goals may be more important to you to feel be supported every step of the way. Be sure to let your loved ones in on it so they can best support you. Weight-loss, for example, is a common goal that many people want their closest loved ones to be in on so that they may be helped to keep on track. Other goals you may want to keep to yourself. Sometimes powerful ideas are best left to be talked about until they are in motion. Decided with of your plans you would like to share with family and friends, and which are more personal.

Decide WHY You Want to Achieve Your Goals

For every goal you may set, the most important question to ask is “Why?”. When you ask yourself why you want to do something, you create your own reason to work hard and get the job done. Do you want to make more money this year so that you can feel more secure? Are your fitness goals an attempt to stay healthy and strong for your children? Find out what is at the core of your desires, and you will find the motivation to see it through. Write these reasons down with your goals, or keep them somewhere you will see them often like your desk.


Make Goal Work a Practice

Try not to see this process as a chore. See your goal setting as a chance to treat yourself with self-care and a time to “check in” with yourself. You could spend time in a coffee shop you love, or at home in your coziest spot. Get yourself a beverage that you enjoy, and start doing the work of creating your goals. We tend to save big goals for yearly evaluation. This is great, but do not forget to check back in monthly and see where you are at, if your goals or strategies need to be tweaked, and be proud of all you have already accomplished. Also, do not be afraid to throw some “fun goals” into your plan. Would you like to make time for a vacation this year or pick a date night with your significant other every week? Find what goals will bring you more joy in your life, and it will be easier to stick to them!

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Surround Yourself with People Who Have Similar Goals

Spend some time with people who share similar goals with you. When you are in this type of environment, you will find that you are more motivated. Being surrounded by the right type of energy is crucial to success. Find a friend, group, or association where you can be around people who inspire you, teach you, and share similar interests with you. Research events in your area where you can socialize with like-minded people. Not only will you be in the right energy, but you may also find some valuable resources for your journey!


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