Halloween Lights!

Not just for December anymore, walking around my neighborhood I’ve seen more and more Halloween decorations going up- particularly lights! Halloween displays are more sophisticated than ever, headlined by energy-saving CFL and LED extravaganzas, and powered by creative home owners who pull out all the stops when it comes to making spooky delights. Check out the photographs below and enjoy the magic of Halloween lights!


If you like lots of spooky light for your Halloween display but are scared to death about wasting energy, try floodlights with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). A 20-watt CFL floodlight is as bright as a 100-watt incandescent, but uses one-fifth the energy. They come in many colors; a weatherproof, 20-watt CFL floodlight is about $10 and will last 8,000 hours, or more than 30 Halloweens.


If you want to keep the fun quotient high but the cash outlay low, paper window silhouettes are wickedly cool. Make cutouts from black paper, stick them on your windows, and back them with a translucent shade or sheet. Turn up the background lights to create a whole-house luminary. Need artistic help? Download these silhouette templates.


Put a smile on your driveway with a rainbow made of plastic pumpkins. Stakes on either side of the driveway are all that’s needed to anchor an arch made of plastic PVC pipe; pumpkins are attached with zip ties. Lighting comes courtesy of a string of Christmas lights with clear bulbs; different size bulbs vary the lighting intensity for each pumpkin.


Looking for a place to stage your Halloween piece de resistance? Second-story displays give everybody the creeps — and that’s a good thing. Stash a ghoul or two on an upper-level balcony or alcove, add some dramatic uplighting, and you’ll create an awesome welcome for trick-or-treaters. Keep lights safe by making sure they’re UL-rated for exterior use.


If you love Halloween displays but don’t have the DIY chops (or the time) to pull off something epic, a store-bought inflatable with built-in lighting will instantly boost your Halloween curb appeal. This lovely Grim Reaper and menacing carriage ($279) is 15 feet long and inflates in minutes using the included heavy-duty fan. Lights run on batteries, so it’s a cordless installation you can set up anywhere.


You’ll have trick-or-treaters doing a double-take when they see the homemade eyeball string lights you’ve hung around your front entry. Ping pong balls ($4.25 per dozen) and some Christmas string lights ($18 for 50 LED lights on a 22-foot string) are the basics; color in eyes with Sharpies. LED holiday lights stay cool and won’t melt those eyeballs.

Want to read more or check out the magic behind the photos? Get ideas at:  http://www.houselogic.com/photos/lighting/outdoor-halloween-decorations/slide/scary-good-savings/#ixzz3oeQjVOYA

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