Healthier Homes (Part 1) By: Allie Barone

  • Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Many of us work hard to make our homes more beautiful. We paint appealing colors, pick out stylish furniture, and add artwork to the walls. We can agree having a visually pleasing environment is a crucial part of quality of life! We also believe that putting the right investments into your home to make it a healthier habitat is another important aspect to be considered. There are many things you can do to your home big or small to make it a healthier environment for you and your family. Some require more of an investment than others, but you can start as small or slow as your life allows. Even one small change can make a huge difference. It may be hard to fathom the amount of toxic chemicals we are exposed to daily, but unfortunately it is a large amount. Not to fear, there are ways to lessen the toxic load relatively easily. Here are three simple ways to create a safer, more nourishing home.

Add plants to your home

We love adding plants into the home. Not only does it make the space more beautiful, but many plants help improve the air quality in your home. Judge the amount of natural sunlight in your home and chose accordingly. Rubber plants are great for homes with dim lighting. Another option is the beautiful English Ivy which can grow in both full shade as well as full sun. This climbing plant can help reduce the amount of chemical exposure existing in your home. Succulents are also a great option, and can easily be included in home décor. They are also very easy to keep alive with the right care! Ask your local gardener for help selecting the right air purifying plant for your home with a range of choices that may grow a lot, or plants that stay smaller. Remember there are many fun ways to pot your plants. Try hanging plants if you have small children or animals that may get into them! Of course, also make sure whichever plants you choose are safe for the animals and children in your home.

Filter your water

In the age of bottled water and refrigerator filters, many of us don’t think about any additional filtering processes. The water in our homes can carry a large number of toxins, whether you have city or well water. We use water in our homes for everything from drinking, cooking, bathing, feeding animals, watering plants, brushing our teeth and more. Make sure you are getting the most beneficial water you can for your home. It is a great idea to get your well water tested, or check out to look up your city’s water content. You would be surprised what may be lurking in your home’s water. Do your research on a good filter system that works for your household. Be sure that the filter removes chemicals such as chlorine, and fluoride, as well as harmful bacteria. You will also want to be sure that your water filter still leaves in the beneficial minerals that your body needs. You can find filters that sit on the countertop, whole house systems, or shower and bath specific filters. Remember, bottled water can still contain chemicals such as fluoride, and sit in their plastic containers for unknown amounts of time. In order to limit your exposure to plastics in your system using an at-home filtration system and filling your own glass or ceramic bottles is much safer.  Don’t forget, filtering your water includes using the clean water to make your ice!

Switch to Safer Cleaning Products

We clean dirty. While it is vital to maintain the hygiene of our homes, what we use to clean with can make all the difference for a healthier home. Many of the products that we use daily include harmful ingredients that we get exposed to without even realizing it! Many ingredients in our cleaning products have been linked to serious health complications, and only recently are companies required to label all ingredients. We are supposed to be cleaning our homes, not just coating them with chemicals! Fortunately, there are many companies working towards safer cleaning products, and to change the laws of what is allowed. Products from Dr. Bronner’s, Seventh Generation, and Mrs. Meyer’s are safer options that you can buy at the grocery store. Pro tip, order your cleaning supplies in bulk online or at a wholesale store to always have the right items on hand! Another option is to make your own cleaning products! It is the most cost effective, and natural way to make the switch. Did you know that vinegar, filtered water, and essential oils makes an excellent surface cleaner? Other options for natural cleaning ingredients include baking soda and coconut oil. Many essential oils have anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties and are much safer than the chemicals found in the big brands.

This is an important topic, and one that more people should be aware of. Stay tuned for future posts with ideas for a safer home. Use these ideas to make yourself a plan to transition your home. You can pick one change a week, one change a month, or one change a year. All that matters is that we recognize what needs to be done and head in that direction. Comment below on how you create a healthier home, or if you have any questions or topics you would like covered!

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