Is your house haunted?

  • Friday, October 31, 2014
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Have you ever suspected that your house was haunted? What were the signs? And what can you do to find out more?

Interview the neighbors-

This isn’t to say you should scare them by asking if anyone was brutally murdered in your home; that may hurt your chances of making friends!  Instead, try striking up conversation with that 85 year old woman down the road (every neighborhood has one, right?).  Tell her you found some sort of valuable antique hidden away in the attic and want to know more the folks who previously lived in the home.

Call your real estate agent-

Like carefully gathering information from your neighbors about the history of your home, calling up the real estate agent who sold it to you and urging them to spill the beans about whether or not your house is haunted can also be helpful. That said, it varies from state to state as to whether sellers are required to disclose if a house is a “stigmatized property” that falls under the haunted category (but hey, it never hurts to ask).

Do an energy audit

A suspected haunting is an excellent reason to finally have that energy audit done. Most professional energy audits include the use of a thermal imaging camera to pinpoint sources of heat loss around the home. This is  helpful if you ultimately decide to better insulate your home and improve its overall energy performance. It could also be effective in locating, you know, any spooky cold spots!  If anything, conducting an energy audit and making the recommended improvements to increase your home’s efficiency can eliminate sources of any unnerving, ghost-like activity: mysterious drafts, slamming doors, banging noises, rattling windows, etc.

Still think your house is haunted by spirits?  My advice would be to simply ask them to give all that moaning and slamming of doors a rest and to kindly chip in with the mortgage payments. That may do the trick!

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