It’s the little things: small fixes to get your home ready to sell

Selling your home does not have to mean major renovations or changes to get it ready for the market.  In fact, it is the little things that can go a long way. Consider these 3 simple fixes when getting your home “show ready.”


Paint- A fresh coat of paint can make quite the difference in a home. Not only does it give a fresh, clean feel, but when you use neutral colors, you also give a potential buyer a blank canvas they can make their own.  Be sure to make it look professional as a sloppy paint job can have the opposite effect and turn people away.

ImageLighting- Replacing old dingy  lights and putting energy efficient bulbs throughout will update the feel of your home. Also, replacing older ceiling lights with more modern pieces will make the space feel clean and new.

Fixtures- Replacing old doorknobs, cabinet pulls, and switch plates is simple and inexpensive. Most fixtures will swap out simply and you don’t even have to be handy to do the work yourself.

When making these changes always think neutral and classic as to not turn anyone away with anything flashy. These very small investments could put you on the fast track to getting your home sold.

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