Joppa Fine Foods Newburyport

Photo courtesy of Joppa Fine Foods

Joppa Fine Foods is one of those shops that you might walk into for a browse and leave with a bag full of items you never knew you needed. A place full of carefully curated food, spices, wine & beer and foodie knick knack items – it’s a one stop shop. Have you ever gone through a recipe list and there’s an ingredient that you’ve never heard of that you know a grocery store won’t carry? Joppa has it. Basically if you are in need of an impressive hostess gift, find yourself going on a picnic or want to indulge in some really good wine, Joppa has you covered. Did we mention the intense charcuterie spread? Lots of cheese, meats and crackers that you can’t just find anywhere else. They offer baked items, lunch and dinner daily with gourmet but simple menus. The staff is helpful and well read in the subject of food, wine and beer and if you find yourself with a random question on any of the ladder subjects they’ll most certainly have any answer. Stop in they are located at the Tannery in Newburyport or the Joppa Fine Foods website. Or check out our Facebook Live video we did with the owner here.

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