Keeping Your Holiday Cool – By Allie Barone

  • Saturday, December 23, 2017
  • Posted by Krisanne Butler in Holidays

If you are finding this time of year to be a little stressful, you are not alone. While we love the holidays, and any reason to celebrate, we understand that it can also be a time of rushing, chaos, and stress. With so many presents to wrap, food to cook, and parties to host it is important to remember to relax, and enjoy this season with your friends and family! Here are some of our favorite tips for keeping your cool during the holidays.

Get your rest

It sounds so simple, but with so much going on it is easy to slip on our necessary rest every day. For some people this means being more diligent with sleep time, for others it may mean adding in a meditation or yoga practice. Make sure you are getting the adequate amount of rest that you need. Your to-do list will get done, but not without you fully awake and functioning! A good idea is to set a time at night when all cellphones, and computers must be off, and anything remaining to do list is left for the next day. Write a list of what needs to be done before bed, and set it aside. Who knows you may actually be able to wake up earlier, feeling refreshed and productive if you get enough sleep!

Cozy Concoctions

Never under-estimate the power of a warm drink- especially in this weather! Find a drink that suits you, and make a ritual of starting your day with it. If you make a cozy concoction at home, you can make it as indulgent as you like! Whether you live for your daily coffee, cup of tea, or hot cocoa make it a little extra special for the holiday season. Add a little peppermint to your hot cocoa, or use some local maple syrup to sweeten your coffee. Remind yourself that this little cup of joy is all for you, and you will start your day with some pleasure. Make time to sit and enjoy your warm beverage before running around. It may only be five minutes of your day but it can make a huge difference!

Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Maybe the kids would have a blast wrapping presents for their family members, or making the decorations for the house. Sure, they may not come out as perfect as if you had done it, but it will be endearing for everyone to see their hard work. It can help them get in the holiday spirit too! If

you have a partner, family, or friends that are willing to help you prepare food, or clean the house… let them! Tell them it can be your Christmas present to you, because sometimes the best gift is some peace. If you do not have anyone available to help there are plenty of local services offered around the holidays. Catering, house cleaning, and event shopping can be sourced outside of the home. Sure, it is a little extra money, but well worth your time. You will also be supporting a local business, helping to make their holiday a little sweeter!

Schedule Some “Me” Time

Easier said than done, but this is important. Schedule the time for yourself to relax—however you like best! The days just before and just after is a great time for a massage, pedicure, yoga class, or group meditation. Maybe you just want to sit in a coffee shop and eat a treat. Go for it! The sky is the limit. You deserve to get yourself a gift after all! Check out Bien Soigne salon in Salem, NH for their Himalayan Salt Cave. They offer private sessions to sit and enjoy, or group sound healing meditations. If you are located in the Newburyport area Roots to Wings offers phenomenal classes and workshops to heal the body and soul. You can find everything from energy healing, to massage, to yoga classes at their beautiful location. If you are more of a “social relaxer”, take yourself out for a cocktail! We have plenty of fantastic restaurants and bars in the area with specialty holiday cocktails. Lastly, if you’d rather not do much of anything snuggle in bed with a book or movie. Don’t be afriad to let yourself nap!

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