March Into Home Maintenance By: Allie Barone

Well the Groundhog said it first this year, 2019 calls for an early Spring! To the ears of New Englanders, there couldn’t be better news (except, perhaps that the Patriots would win the Superbowl…again)! With the oncoming season of growth, rebirth, and emerging from hibernation upon us, it can be an exceptional time to evaluate just how to transition your home from Winter to Spring. Home maintenance is especially important before and after the harshest season (ahem, winter, that would be you), so to save yourself the headache of long-term damage or property devaluation be sure to take special care of your home at this time. Transitioning your home is also a great way to get excited about the nicer weather and prepare to move right into more fresh-aired fun! Here is a list of some ways to maintain your home heading into Spring.

Clean Gutters and Power-wash Surfaces

            Before the Spring rains come it is a perfect time to clear those gutters! Cleaning the gutters is easy enough to do yourself and will prevent clogging which can lead to further damage on the siding or foundation. While you are at it, power-washing the siding and decks of your home is valuable Springtime maintenance to help your home looking great and preventing the need for repair.

Clean AC Condenser

            Once the heat arrives, you will want to be sure your AC can work efficiently! Cleaning your AC Condenser from any debris that may have gotten into it over the winter will get you in the right position for future use. Cleaning can be done easily with the gentle use of a garden hose, no need to power-wash!

Inspect for and Repair Outdoor Winter Damage

Once the snow is gone, it is a great time to inspect for the effects of winter. Snow and ice can leave cracks in driveways, and cause damage to roofs. Sealing up the cracks will help to maintain your property and combat further issues. If your roof has been damaged by weather, you may need to hire someone to repair the damage or replace shingles. Long-term roof damage can be some of the most expensive repairs to make, so keeping up with the smaller issues can save you a ton of time, energy, and money down the road.

Work on Yard Maintenance and Plan Your Outdoor Space

            Prepping the yard for Spring can make future yard work much less troublesome. Pick up any debris, sticks, or stones that have been sitting under all the snow. If any leaves got trapped before the snow fell, it is a good time to clean that up too! Some homeowners prefer to hire landscapers to come in the Spring to give the yard a good clean. It is also a fun time to plan what you will be doing with your outdoor space this year, thinking about gardens and planting. Also, a fantastic time to clean up outdoor furniture for its return to its natural habitat! 

Clean up Entryway

            There are many ways to clean up the inside of your home for Spring, but one of the most important areas to focus on is the entryway or mudroom area. We load this area with salt, winter clothing and boots, dirt, and snow. Although it is not quite Spring yet, it wouldn’t hurt to start organizing this area, and maybe buy some new mats for the new season. Save the heavy-duty supplies for next winter! Lightening up this area can change the feel of your entire home. It is, after all, the first place people see when they step inside!

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