Plum Island Kayak

  • Wednesday, June 14, 2017
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Last week Vinnie & Shamus did a Facebook Live video with Plum Island Kayak. Plum Island Kayak is  well known to the locals and is a go-to for kayak & paddle board rentals and tours. The majority of the business is guided tours, which they offer everyday – morning, afternoon and sunset. They also offer some specialized tours in addition to the daily routes. There are drop-off and take-out points along the Lower Merrimack River as far inland as Rocks Village down to Plum Island Point. “We explore a variety of unique habitats including salt and freshwater marshes, estuaries and other adjoining waterways along the Merrimack River the Indian River, the Powwow River, Town Creek, Joppa Flats, the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, and Plum Island Sound.” Head over to their web site for information on tours, rentals, kids week and much more. Thanks to all the guys that did the live video with us. You can find the video here, on our Facebook page!

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