Seasonal Eats – By Allie Barone

  • Friday, April 27, 2018
  • Posted by Krisanne Butler in New England

Lobster Dinner

Admit it, after being cooped up all winter long one of our favorite things to do in New England when the sun starts to shine is find delicious food we can eat outside. Being able to dine outside is a luxury we only get for a few warm months, and now is the time to start taking advantage of it! When it comes to outdoor eating in New England, who can resist a good seafood joint? Our coastline is littered with seasonal seafood restaurants beginning to open their doors. Another beautiful sign that the warm weather is on the way! Here is a list of some of our tried and true seafood eateries.


  • The Clam Boxin Ipswich, MA
  • Ipswich Clambake in Ipswich, MA
  • Woodman’s in Essex, MA
  • Bob Lobster in Plum Island, MA*
  • Markey’s in Seabrook, NH
  • Brown’s in Seabrook, NH*
  • Petey’s in Rye, NH
  • Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier in Kittery, ME*

Lobster Roll

These traditional seafood restaurants fill our bellies with local fish, lobster, and shellfish. Who doesn’t love a good fried fisherman’s platter? Another bonus, the restaurants on the list denoted with a star* are BYOB for your enjoyment! So, pack a cooler of your favorite refreshments, and take a drive up the coast. If you dare to travel a little further than you normally would, try Chauncey Creek in Kittery Point, Maine. With colorful picnic tables arranged on a sunny deck by the water, it feels like a hidden vacation spot. You can bring your own beverages, as well as any food they do not serve on the menu. It is a great place for a daytime getaway, or a family lunch. Make sure to take the scenic route home down our gorgeous Atlantic coastline. Whichever spot you decide to stop at, you won’t be disappointed as the local flavors bring back summertime memories. Our cold-water seafood is a delicacy to the area, and we sure do love to indulge! Be sure to call your ideal location to be sure they are open for the season before venturing out! What are some of your favorite places to enjoy local seafood in the area?

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