Small Business Saturday By: Allie Barone

We all have heard, or been a part of, the mania that is Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for holiday shopping, riddled with sales and promotions that make consumers just go… wild. In the spirit of holiday gift giving, and taking advantage of a good deal, let’s challenge ourselves to participate in the other special shopping day of the weekend, Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday celebrates the privately-owned, or family-run businesses that fill our communities. It allows us to support the people that live within our communities, the ones we interact with day in and day out. It is such a wonderful gift to be able to support these businesses because instead of billions of dollars going to a large corporation, we are supporting our neighbors, parents of our children’s friends, and our peers. These people are the ones who give life to our community. Here are some ways to participate in Small Business Saturday.

Skip the chain restaurants and hit the cafes for the day.

Instead of standing in the long line at your favorite coffee shop franchise, try buying your morning coffee from a locally owned cafe! Try a family-owned restaurant instead of your go-to chain. This is a great way to support local businesses. Maybe purchase your food for holiday parties from a local farm! You can even purchase gift cards from these establishments to give to others to further continue the support.


Purchase gifts from local artisans.

            We have a ton of creative people in our area that we should celebrate! Opt to purchase handcrafted gifts for the people on your holiday list instead of manufactured goods. Riverwalk Gallery in Amesbury, MA has a beautiful collection of locally handmade gifts for everyone!


Share your local favorites.

            We all know the power of social media in our day and age. A great way to support small business is to choose a few of your favorites with your social media network. Take a minute on Saturday to post a recommendation of a few of your favorite places that you would like to support! You will be surprised how much of an impact you can have!


Support your friend’s small businesses.

                        Many of us know someone who is part of a MLM company, or some kind of at-home business and we may see their posts on social media often. Reach out to your friend from high school who may be able to help you get your hands on those cool patterned leggings you’ve been eyeing, or a workout program your sister has been curious to try. We are so quick to support celebrities in their business ventures. A singer comes out with a makeup line, an athlete release limited edition shoes, and we jump on it. Let’s support the people who we actually know, and who could use the income to send their kids to ballet class, or to fix their broken water heater. Buying from your friends is a gift in itself!


Host your own Small Business Saturday Gathering!

It could be really fun to get a group of friends together to celebrate small businesses together. Maybe you know someone who knits, and have a friend who makes soap. Possibly your husband is a talented woodworker. Gather all of your creative friends to bring their craft to your home, and host an event that puts them in the spotlight. This gives them the opportunity of making a little extra money for the holiday, and everyone an excuse to get socialize!



Celebrating small businesses is a wonderful way to remember what the season is all about, while still checking every person off your shopping list. It is a win, win! We challenge you to find a way to participate in Small Business Saturday this year. Tag us @the_forzese_group on instagram with a picture of how you participate, or with your favorite small business!



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