Spring Cleaning – By: Allie Barone

  • Friday, April 6, 2018
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It’s officially that time of year that we all must start coming out of hibernation and prepare for the wonderful benefits of Spring! As we make our way into the season, it is a good time to take inventory of all the things in our environment that could use a good Spring Cleaning.For some of us, this term is reminiscent of our mother’s rampaging through our childhood homes, making us clean out the dust bunnies from under the bed. Let’s take some time to reflect on the importance of spring cleaning, and how it can help us adjust from the long winter.


During the winter hibernation, we stock up and everything we need in order to hunker down in our homes. Now, it is time to purge our households of anything that is no longer necessary. This is vital for our health, our mentality, and our physical adjustment into the warmer seasons. Spring may bring up emotions of frustration and anxiety for many people, and a comprehensive cleaning can help to alleviate these conditions. Getting organized physically, can also help us get organized mentally so we can enjoy the sunnier days ahead. Here are some great ways to incorporate spring cleaning into your life.


Organize Your Pantry and Refrigerator

This may be the perfect time to go through your pantry, and refrigerator and let go of any items that you no longer need. This may include expired items, or miscellaneous canned goods that you have desire to use. It is ok to let these items go. In fact, you could collect your unwanted products that are still good and donate them to a local food bank. Many people would be grateful to receive the products that you do not have a use for anymore. Our Neighbor’s Table in Amesbury is one great location to donate your canned goods.

Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet and Bathroom

            Too many of us hoard cosmetics, and pharmacy items that take up a lot of space in our bathroom cabinets. Challenge yourself to go through all of your bathroom products, and toss the things that you no longer use. Surely, there is expired medicines, or beauty products that are doing no good sitting on your shelves. This could also include cleaning supplies.  This may also be a great opportunity to think about the kind of products and ingredients that you should be using in your household, and make a shift to less-toxic products if it is your desire. Lessening the chemical load in your household is a way to do some spring cleaning of its own!


Trash or Treasure: Wardrobe Edition

How many of us have a collection of clothes hanging in our closet that we simply never wear? Maybe we really like the idea of one blouse, but it is a little too see-through to ever wear. Maybe those skinny jeans from ten years ago just are never going to fit right again (and that’s ok!). Whatever these items are, get rid of them! It can be difficult to get rid of items as personal as clothing, but you will feel so much better after a good wardrobe purge. Ask yourself if you have worn this item in the last three months. If not, into the bag it goes. One tip is to have your most honest friend or family member help you. They can be one of the best tools for being honest with ourselves about what we will or will not wear. You can donate your clothes, or sell them to a consignment shop. There are plenty of donation drop off boxes all around the area. If you consider yourself a fashionista and would like to try consignment, checkout ReNew Revolution  in Newburyport, or Wear House in Portsmouth, NH. Both shops take only clothes in good condition from recognizable brands. Not a bad place to have store credit to use for your new spring wardrobe!

Clean Out Your Body!

Admit it, at this time of year most of us have not only fallen off the wagon but been strung along behind it for far too long. Maybe you stuck to your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier, but chances are you have found excuses to enjoy comfort food throughout the colder months. You are not alone. Now as the weather warms up and more spring produce is becoming available, it can be a little easier to make the transition. Spring is the perfect time to detox. Challenge yourself to 3 weeks of no sugar, alcohol, or processed foods. It can be difficult, but even more rewarding in the end! Maybe your goal could be to choose water as your only beverage for the next month, if you tend to go for more sugary drinks. It could be adding one new vegetable to your diet every week, or making a green smoothie in the morning for breakfast. Start at your own pace, and chose a goal that is realistic for you! You will feel more energized and prepared to enjoy the beautiful weather outside if you do.

Clean Out Your Vehicle

One of the places that gets most neglected when it comes to Spring Cleaning is our cars. In this on-the-go-lifestyle, many of us spend just as much time in our cars as we do at home. Treat them with respect. Take your car to the nearest gas station or carwash and get rid of any trash, vacuum up the winter dirt, and get any impending services taken care of. You will feel so much better with the music up, and the sun roof open with a clean car!


Spring Clean Your Mind

However, you can find a way to clean out the clutter of your mind, do it. It is just as important as cleaning your home! Maybe this includes making a list of all of the projects you want to accomplish this spring and summer. It could be writing a list of all of the habits, thoughts, and beliefs you are ready to let go of! Maybe you just want to type up a letter to yourself or someone else with all of your thoughts, and then burn it to release them. There are many ways to do this. For some people, it could mean coming up with new systems of organization in a practical manner. Go through any paperwork or mail that has collected and file it into a new, easy to use system. A good way to know where to start is to think about what is currently stressing you the most, and then find a way to best process it. Some of us may also want to introduce a daily meditation into our routine. Even 5 minutes a day could make a tremendous difference! When our mind is decluttered, we are able to be more efficient, and happier people!

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