The Sweetest Day of The Year By: Allie Barone

  • Wednesday, February 7, 2018
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The Sweetest Day of The Year

By: Allie Barone

While it seems we just got over the holiday season, we have one more coming up before we know it… Valentine’s Day! The holiday itself gets mixed reviews, as some people claim you should not need a specific date to show someone that you love them. While this may be true, it still can be fun to take advantage of a day dedicated to celebrating the idea of love! Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with your partner, children, family, friends, pets, or on your own! Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy the day.

A Sweet Treat

Who can turn down a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day? Whether you choose to gift a little sugar to someone you love or to yourself, let go of guilt and enjoy something delicious for Valentine’s Day! Chococoa Baking Co. in Newburyport, MA makes delicious whoopie pies (both regular and gluten-free). You can choose from an array of flavors that all satisfy that sweet tooth! If you consider yourself to be a baker (or would like to try to be!) make something homemade for your loved ones! It can be really fun to bake and decorate your own goodies and to be able to say they were made with love. Whatever you choose, be sure to get yourself a little somethin’ somethin’ to sweeten up your day!

Make Time for The Little Things

Showing someone that you love them does not always have to be extravagant. If you can make some extra time for the little things on Valentine’s Day, it is sure to be appreciated. Wake up a little early so that you and your partner can have your morning coffee together. Remember to be present. It makes a daily activity into something special. If you have a lunch break, grab a warm drink at a café with a dear friend. Even just making a note to shit off all electronics after dinner time can be a great way to show the people that you are with that you want to be with them!

Plan A Dinner

Dinner is the most common meal of the day that we enjoy together, and a Valentine’s Dinner could be just the perfect way to celebrate love. Some people may prefer cooking at home, so be sure to visit your local farms and markets for the freshest ingredients you can find! Home-cooked meals can be the way to someone’s heart! If you prefer to dine out, check out our local restaurants for Valentine’s Day specials. Many of our favorite restaurants in the area (including The Poynte, Brine, and Ceia) offer special Valentine’s Day menus for you and your loved one. I think we can all agree having someone cook and clean up for you is a treat so a dinner out may be the perfect way for you to celebrate!

Random Acts of Kindness

You may know that one of the best ways to feel love, is to spread the love. Spend a little time promoting random acts of kindness for your community. Write anonymous Valentine’s messages or collect flowers and leave them around town as you go throughout your day. Your sweet note could create a much-needed smile for a stranger. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line. Give somebody you do not know a compliment. However, you can show some love, do it without any expectations. You never know whose day you will brighten!

Write Somebody You Love a Letter

Hand-written letters are so terribly romantic. They are nostalgic and remind us of a time before electronic forms of communication. Sit down, get out a pen, and write a letter to someone you love. Tell them exactly why you love them, and what you wish for their life. This type of Valentine does not cost much and can have an enormous effect. The recipient can treasure your letter, and re-read it whenever they want to feel some love. You can check out the Paper Moon for some beautiful handmade cards, or create your own stationery!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day celebrations, keep it simple. You can choose to show one person you love them or an entire community. If you decide to participate, it is certain that you will feel more love as you give more love. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Many restaurants fill their reservations in advanced and have selected menus starting the weekend before. If all else fails, ask your loved one what they would enjoy. Maybe just preparing them a bubble bath after a long work day is all they want! They key to getting Valentine’s Day right is to really know the person you are showing love to so that you know what they need and want. At the end of the day, maybe we don’t need a holiday to tell us how to love somebody, but it can be a good reminder for us to hold presence with others, and care about their hopes and needs.

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