Team Outing with Mistie C Fishing Charters

IMG_8677Our team outing this month was a fishing trip with Mistie C Fishing out of Newburyport, MA. With most of us being novices in the way of fishing, we did pretty well at reeling in the some fish. Captain Charlie and his first mate Dan were great guides and teachers and we had a great day right on the water off of Plum Island.

IMG_8629 IMG_8641 IMG_8646The first part of our trip was fishing for bait, which we didn’t have much luck at. Shamus caught one right as we were about to leave the spot. From there we went to special bass fishing spots. At that point we started really catching them! Once we caught our fair share of bass we went lobstering. While we weren’t really “fishing” it was thrilling each time a trap came up and we got to see what was in. In all, there were eight keepers. Lots of other wild life was dug up with the traps like crabs and starfish. While we were out for the day we saw tons of different birds, flounder and a huge jelly fish – things you just don’t see closer to shore.

IMG_8609 IMG_8617

IMG_8625Thanks again to Charlie & Dan for a great afternoon. For more information on tours, the boat and what they offer check out their web site here at Mistie C Fishing Charters.

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