The Noshery – Amesbury, MA

unnamed-5A few weeks back we did a Facebook Live video at The Noshery in Amesbury where Vinnie got his hands dirty and learned how the pros make crepes. When we say that the Noshery is a local favorite, we aren’t kidding. The following and support that this restaurant receives is something we really admire. Not that we are surprised, the owners and employees are dedicated to providing customers with top notch food and exceptional customer service. These things don’t go unnoticed around these parts. They are always so welcoming and accommodating to their guests. And the food. The food is everything.


14560030_530247970499867_2130747742061411564_oAll of the food whether its crepes, pastry, sandwiches etc. is made with care and thought. The ingredient combos are creative and inventive. They explained to Vinnie that they traveled quite a bit and got inspired by crepes in the different places they visited. Most people think of crepes as a sweet dish but at the Noshery they wanted to incorporate it as a savory staple as well. Which they did, some of the most popular options are savory.



unnamed-4Thanks again to the Noshery for having us. Be sure to pop in and try some of their drool worthy dishes. They serve alcohol too so you can add that to your list of Amesbury hang outs! Head on over to the web site for more details here. To see our Live Facebook video, visit our page at The Forzese Group.

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  1. Kenneth Fix says:

    Jon and I go way, way back, year and years..We lost track of one another for sometime, but thanks to face book, we’ve reconnected across the country, I’m in Los Angeles, and Jon is in the Noshery..!!
    But, it was my good fortune, and my wife’s as well, that we managed to find time in an east coast
    trip, to drive into Amesbury and hook up, live and in person, with Jon & Virginia, and the food of the now famous “NOSHERY..” We managed to have two full and complete meals while there, and spent one night in a Hotel that Jon had made arrangements for us….!! My wife use to have her own catering company in the high end world of catering in Hollywood…We both LOVE great food…Well we are both here to tell you the food was some of the VERY BEST either of us had ever eaten..!! Hands down….We shall never forget your Lobster Crepes…!! I pray we’ll return to the NOSHERY, again one day…!!! New Bucket List..!! Thank you both for the best NOSHING in the world…!!! Peace..From Ken & Patricia Fix

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