Enjoy the Outdoors at Veasey Memorial Park in Groveland


Whether you have kids, dogs, or just an active mind sometimes it is just nice to spend some time in nature. If you aren’t already aware, Essex County is loaded with cool spots where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors without having to drive too far. If you are looking for a multi-purpose spot, try the generally overlooked Veasey Memorial Park in Groveland, MA. Veasey Memorial Park sits between “Nun’s Hill”, and Johnson’s Pond. It is off the beaten path but is accessible from both 95 and 495.


Veasey Park is the perfect location to bring the pups on a walk, as there are wooded trails that lead to the pond, as well as up and over the hill. It is certainly a great way to get some energy out! The trails are well-marked, and also allow mountain bikes.


If you own a kayak or canoe, make sure to bring it to this Veasey. There is a loading parking lot at the entrance to the park, with the perfect launching pad for your small boat. You can start your journey through the lily pad pond, and continue into the bigger part of the lake. Take your boat to one of the small islands in the middle of the lake, or bring your fishing gear and hope to get lucky!


For those who want some of the fun of camping without all the work, plan to cook your lunch over the firepit, or on the grill the park provides! The fire pit is located right by the water, about a ¼ mile into the trail. Haul your meal to the spot, build yourself a fire, and get cooking! Or just bring a bag of marshmallows, some chocolate, graham crackers and go crazy! Remember to always use responsible fire safety techniques, and leave the place cleaner than you found it!


At the top of “Nun’s Hill” you will find the Veasey Memorial Venue where they hold events such as yoga classes, and Art and Wine receptions. Check out their website here for an event calendar. In the winter, the hill is a beloved sledding spot for locals, so don’t count this park out in the winter. If you enjoy being outdoors, and can get a little creative, Veasey Memorial Park may be a great place to visit. Added bonus; there are 3 equidistant ice cream stands close to the park, so no matter which route you take home you can stop for a treat!

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