Ways to Make Your New Home Feel Like You By: Allie Barone

  • Monday, March 12, 2018
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You just purchased your new home… congratulations! The process of buying a home can take a lot of effort and energy, and this is an incredibly exciting time. It is just beginning however, as you prepare to move into your new home. Even houses bought in the best and newest condition need a little love before they truly feel like your space. Certainly, some of the older homes on the market need even more than a little love to feel like new again. The good news is there are a few simple things you can do before you move in to make the space your own.

Pick Out Paint Colors YOU love

This is a pretty obvious suggestion, but it can make a huge difference in making your home feel comfortable to you. Even if the paint from the previous owners is in good condition, you may still want to consider picking out your own palette. Our homes should be our sanctuaries, and color can play a huge role in our everyday mood whether we realize it or not. Are you uplifted by bright colors, or do you like the calming effect of muted tones? Even more importantly, how do you know? An afternoon under the fluorescent lights in the paint department can be overwhelming and make it even harder to choose. Do you even know how many shades of white there are? More than you would think! Luckily, we all have access to designer ideas right at our fingertips. Utilize the internet to find trends, color therapy ideas, and paint color combinations. Pinterest is a great tool for this, and many other home decorating projects. Use search words that evoke the kind of feeling you want to establish in your home.

Get the Proper Cleaning Done

Cleaning your new home before moving all your belongings in can make a world of difference. If you are not shy about some hard work, then roll your sleeves up and start scrubbing! It may be nice to buy new cleaning supplies (brooms, agents, rags etc.) for this house as a fresh start. Read our last article on healthier homes for some ideas on safe cleaning products. If you can budget for a house cleaner, it may be a nice way to treat yourself as a new homeowner. Hire a team of professionals to come in and get all the residue from the previous owners out of the house. Hire a company to clean the ducts, as many of our air ducts and heating systems fill up and get ignored. This is a simple way to make sure the air we are breathing in our new homes is clean. Getting the floors cleaned is another way to ensure a fresh start whether you have carpet, tile, or hardwood. Whatever you can do to get the place clean will only ensure that you are stepping into a home filled with your love and not someone else’s dirt.

Decorate with Photos and Art

Is it finally time to get your family vacation photos printed? In this day of digital albums, many of us neglect to get hard copies of our favorite photos. Personal pictures are a great way to decorate a home while adding a personal touch… and it has never been easier! With websites like Shutterfly, you can select the photos, and style of printing you want right from your home or phone and get them delivered to your home. Once the big furniture is moved into the house, be sure to start adding your collection of personal photos. Framing your kid’s artwork, picking out prints on Etsy, or scouring the local antique store are some other ideas on finding the right statement pieces for your home!

Get Familiar With Your Environment

Whether you are moving into the middle of the woods, an urban area, or somewhere in between it is a lot of fun to get familiar with your new surroundings! Take yourself, or your family on a walk around the neighborhood! If you see anyone outside their own homes don’t be afraid to introduce yourself as the new neighbors. You will want to know who is living around you. Usually, neighbors can be the best sources of information about the area and what it has to offer, or what you may want to look out for! Make a habit of remembering people’s names, and something about them. If you have moved into a rural setting, enjoy the nature that surrounds you on a sight-seeing walk. You never know what you might discover! Are there any cool restaurants or cafes you can walk to? Where’s the best take-out pizza close by? Getting familiar with your surroundings is one of the best ways to get oriented and get excited about your new home! After all, location, location, location!

Get Your Smell Into the Home

This one sounds strange, but think about it… you want your home to smell like you! Now that your house is clean, it is time to add your own smell back into it! Let your house fill with the aroma of your favorite meal cooking, or some fresh baked bread or cookies. Some people like to burn candles, incense, or sage to clear the air and get a fresh scent. Use an essential oil diffusor with scents that make you feel peaceful, invigorated, or loved. Get your morning coffee brewing! Scent is one of the senses most strongly tied with memory, so utilizing it in this way can make you feel at home in no time!

The ways you can begin to make your new home feel like you are endless. Embrace your unique qualities, and let your house reflect them. It is sometimes hard to feel comfortable in new settings right away but there are ways to get your energy into the house and feel right at home. Over time you will find ways to add uniqueness to your home, and will hardly remember it ever feeling like somebody elses!

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